Core Descriptions +


• Core Descriptions 

• Depositional models

• Facies-based geomodeling inputs including training images for MPS, maps,  trends, geobody dimensions

Sequence Stratigraphy +


• Sequence stratigraphic classification of individual wells using core descriptions and well logs

• Extending those 1D well interpretations into the 2D and 3D world, correlating the sequences as necessary

• Integration with other data such as biostratigraphy, petrophysics & production data

• Image Log interpretation, integration with petrophysics

Seismic Stratigraphy +

• Seismic Stratigraphic interpretation 

• Reservoir Architecture delineation

• Mapping of geobodies for volumetrics

• Assisting in facies interpretation using various seismic attributes

Analogs and Examples


• Modern equivalents to your systems, photos and field trips available

• Ancient outcrop examples, diagrams, photos and field trips available

• 2D and 3D understanding and prediction of distribution of facies and geobodies

Petrography & Diagenesis


• Thin Section Petrography including descriptions, documentation (photomicrographs), and point counting if desired

• Image Analysis for Reservoir Quality, quantitative description of pores and the pore network 

• Diagenetic studies using alternative imaging techniques such as Cathodoluminescence & SEM,, geochemical tools such as isotopes as well as major, minor, trace elements

Additional Services

• Training: both classroom training seminars and field workshops/seminars are available to customize to your needs

• Proprietary tools like the Carbonate Scorecard

• Management of core analyses including procurement of vendors