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Who we are

Jean C.C. Hsieh, PhD, P. Geo

Professional geologist with 20+ years’ experience in exploration and development, research and technology deployment, as well as direct management of geoscience specialists. She has worked for Chevron, Talisman, & Repsol supporting upstream projects around the world.  


We also have a large network of partners in many disciplines with which we collaborate for projects.  ​Feel free to contact them directly if you need assistance, or simply contact us and we can make the introduction.

Blackdiamond Logo

Blackdiamond, your partner in oil and gas exploration. 

We are a Team that knows Oil and Gas. We offer innovative workflows and software applications to solve the biggest challenges facing E&P companies.  At Blackdiamond, we believe that hydrocarbons are vital to meet global energy demands while transitioning to greener energy, and we strive to provide the greatest possible efficiency in oil and gas E&P with lower costs and reduced carbon footprint.

We are forging strategic industry partnerships and providing profound understanding of petroleum systems that allows operators to discover and extract hydrocarbon source and migration pathways more efficiently. Our team applies state-of-the-art and proprietary geochemical oil fingerprinting and seismic attributes as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand petroleum systems intrinsic complexities.

Route To Reserves Logo

Route To Reserves assists critical metals and gold exploration companies with: strategic planning, regional-scale targeting, mineral system frameworks, structural geology, decision quality and chance of geological success analysis. Principal geoscientist Graham Banks has 15 years industry experience on gold, copper, cobalt, rare earth elements and petroleum exploration projects worldwide, and can help you integrate structural geology and probability of success analysis into your mineral system and tenement evaluations.

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Seismic Carbonates Logo

Integrated Geoscience from Fieldwork, Satellite and Sub-Surface Data.  Geology experts at the forefront of innovation. Specialist services and multiclient studies for the energy sector.  Specialties include Structure, Tectonics, and Geodynamics, Fracture Network Characterization, and Field-based Training.

Seismic carbonates - whether you are chasing carbonates at a prospect scale and require seismic characterization, or need analogs studies, field or classroom training, they can help.  Contact

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