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Characterizing Carbonate Geobodies

1-day Short Course 

Objective: to provide an overview of sedimentology and stratigraphy, focusing on fluid flow in carbonate rocks that impact carbon capture and sequestration, extraction of fossil fuel and energy minerals, and water resources.

Carbonate reservoir rocks host hydrocarbons and mineral deposits as well as being a potential sink for carbon capture.  However, understanding and predicting lateral and vertical variability of carbonates are challenging.  This course is designed to inform your ability to make those predictions.  This full-day short course reviews the basics of carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy, including sediment components, depositional environments, stratigraphic successions, and seismic architectures.  At this pivotal time of energy transition, attendees will gain an appreciation for the potential of carbonates not just as reservoirs, but as important records of earth history.

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Carbonate Reservoir Sedimentology

4-day Short Course 

Objective: to provide an overview of Carbonate Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, focusing on factors that impact the characterization of a petroleum reservoir

This 4-day course reviews the basics of carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy.  It starts with a review of the components that make up carbonate rocks and the depositional environments where these rocks are created.  This is followed by a review of the stratigraphy using comparative sedimentology concepts.  From here, stratigraphy continues by building a shallowing-upward succession and exploring what that means laterally.  We continue by building cycle sets and larger bundles to understand what vertical successions are trying to tell us.  The next topic changes focus by providing a basis for understand the pore network.  Diagenesis begins almost immediately and impacts the quantity and shape of pores found in carbonate rocks.  The second half of the course starts with a review of seismic interpretation of carbonate systems.  We explore the nuances of the stratigraphic architecture and seismic characterization of carbonate rocks.  Finally, carbonate systems through time are discussed.  The evolution of organisms through time has a significant impact on the type of carbonate systems that develop, as do climate influences, eustatic sea-level changes and paleo-oceanic chemistry.

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Carbonate Field Seminars

In Progress

More information available soon.

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